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6 Sass (Scss) Mixins I Can't Live Without

Sassy CSS is the secret sauce to DRY styling code, it easily ads 5x to my efficiency as a web dev. Here's 6 must have Sass/Scss mixins that are suitable for almost any project.

How to Create a Git Repo & Push With a Single CLI Command

A quick look at how to create, name and push your code into a github repo with a one-liner command using Github CLI.

5 Reasons Why I Think Webflow Is Godlike for SEO

Webflow is a phenomenally versatile platform that empowers designers, business owners and every day folk to build and launch custom websites without code.

15 Tried & Tested SEO Bookmarklets For Efficient SEO

As Google gets smarter, it's becoming increasingly expectant that SEO's should become more flexible and holistic in their approach to web optimisation.

Spending £75,000 On Social Ads In A Month  — 5 Things I Learned

Armed with just one months practical experience managing big budgets on paid social, I found myself facing January in the travel industry.

How To Get A Pagespeed Insights API Key For Screaming Frog

Read this post if you are unfamiliar with Google Developer Hub to grab an API key for bulk Pagespeed Insights analysis.

Six Most Common Travel SEO Mistakes

In-depth guide for all things SEO in the travel industry for 2019. Index bloat, on-site search, 404 pages, meta titles, and more. Common mistakes and fixes.

How To Optimize Your Local Business For Voice Search

Specific strategies for local businesses trying to understand the potential voice search will have on their bottom lines.