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Adam Durrant is a professional web marketer, writer, coder, proud contributor to the field of Search Engine Optimisation and founder of NTRY, a project started in 2018. NTRY provides search marketing consultancy for some of the world’s most exciting brands using a network of expert practitioners.

Throughout his career, Adam has consulted with some of the worlds most famous websites and developed digital strategy for multi-million pound brands. Adam is renowned for moving with pace, sweating the small stuff and being a relentless workaholic.

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  • Studied a national diploma in applied science
  • Graduated Coventry University with a bachelors degree in ‘Forensic Investigative Studies’
  • Fell into a junior SEO role for a £10 million+ business and adored it
  • Rapidly progressed into broader web marketing after making waves in SEO & Content roles
  • Currently focused on supporting a fast growing travel startup managing PPC, programmatic, large budget paid social and SEO
  • Promotes marketing tactics, tools and ideas through his blog and around the web
  • Manages NTRY outside of work; providing consultancy, training and strategy
  • Desperately trying to learn JavaScript



  • Flavour: Blue
  • Film: Shaun of the Dead
  • Thing about SEO: It’s potential to transform a business
  • Quote: “Winners are just losers that kept trying”


  • Computer science
  • Film photography
  • Watermelon flavour anything
  • UX & Design


  • Anyone with courage
  • Anyone with confidence
  • Anyone with drive
  • Music

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