Web Marketing Resources

I’m often asked for links to the best marketing influencers, software, places to learn, SEO tools and extensions. So, i’ve written a compassionate list of everything that I love, read, use and follow:

SEO Tools & software I love

  • Ahrefs – Hands down the best source of search data on the market and insanely useful for keyword research & competitor analysis
  • Uptime Robot – A website downtime monitor that’s free and will email you a report if a site goes down
  • Google Optimize – A/B and multi-variant testing built by google – 5 tests free – super handy for getting around legacy systems and testing
  • .htaccess redirect generator – .htaccess doesn’t have a fall back when things go wrong, it just smashes your website with a hammer, use this generator first and then test with this tool
  • Accuranker – Best keyword tracker on the planet right now, don’t scrimp on this kind of software, it’s not worth it
  • Merge words – Great for keyword research variations when combined with Ahrefs – saves a ton of time
  • Content King – The best real-time warden tool on the market – it’s also great value
  • Sistrix – A great tool all-round, I use this mostly because the visibility data is super clear

Extensions I can’t live without

Web marketing sites/blogs that I read

  • Detailed – One of the many sites run by the infamous Glen Allsopp who provides tremendous value and not just the same stuff over and over
  • Google Webmaster – This one goes without saying. Anything that’s important involving Google search will likely appear here
  • Moz – Everything published is well researched and always current and thought leading, it’s a huge source of knowledge if you’re going back through the archives
  • Search Engine Journal – Loving SEJ right now. The publication is managing to scale, monetise and keep it’s content valuable and accessible
  • Trending – Glance at this once a day and you’ll never feel left behind. In an instant, get the latest on web marketing from twitters best

Trusted marketers you should follow right now

  • @garyvee – My idol right now, Gary Vaynerchuck spreads self awareness, positivity and some of the most eye opening, raw advice on earth for entrepeneurs
  • @wilreynolds – I regard Wil as the ‘data guy’ in search who has blown me away at conferences with crazy power BI stuff
  • @willcritchlow – Founder @ Distilled.net, one of my favourite and super humble digital agencies who i’ve had the pleasure of working with
  • @larrykim – I once saw Larry smash a red bull faster than you can say ‘insulin’ right before a speech. Larry is a master of PPC and preaches a lot of value on twitter

Design tools

  • Figma – It’s like Asana for design, I am obsessed with it
  • Adobe XD – Still my go-to for prototyping & mockups
  • Color Zilla – A simple web page colour picker chrome extension
  • Loom – Chrome extension screen recorder – I use this a lot for feedback & providing instructions for clients 
  • Pastel – Instant web page editor and feedback engine – It’s awesome for fast feedback and clients love it
  • Duotone – Make stock photography suck less
  • Remove.bg – Cuts out foreground from the background. This tool has saved me so much time in Photoshop and it does a pretty decent job

Learning to code

  • Harvard CS50 – This is a super famous course for aspiring computer scientists and so much of the content is free it’s unreal! I spend most of my time on these courses
  • Code.org – There’s so many fun projects to do on this site, from total beginner to full blown nerd stuff
  • Free Code Camp – As the name suggests this is a free resource which is huge, their youtube channel is where I learn most
  • This video – from Free Code Camp is 13 hours of solid Python that talks through so much at a really nice pace and has no ads!